How to edit videos on YouTube

How to edit videos on YouTube

This is a playlist with videos to help you edit videos on YouTube using the YouTube Video Editor .

As part of our video workshops during 2014, we decided to put together this YouTube video playlist to assist clients who attended our “How to Make Effective Videos for Websites and Social Media”.

About this YouTube Video workshop

Part of this interactive video workshop is a live demonstration on how to edit videos on YouTube, using the YouTube video editor which includes cutting video, adding video transitions, adding text effects and adding available royalty free music provided by the YouTube Video Editor.

We also demonstrate how to better light a subject using the three point lighting system. This was shown live with real lights so attendees could see the full set up.

There was also an audio component where we showed the participants how to create a lapel microphone simply put of an old pair of iPhone headsets.

By the end of this video workshops the attendees got a firsthand experience on how to edit video on YouTube, set up a three point lighting system and create a  homemade lapel microphone.

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